lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2019

I'll be in tour in SEVILLE until New Year.

TOUR 2019:

I'm available in SEVILLE until December.

As always I have my own flat, not shared with other girls, in Bormujos, like 10 min away from Seville city center. Discreet residencial place to share great time together. I hope to have a great New Year's Eve this year in Seville.

Independent Escort Lady in Barcelona
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domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2019

Party girl ? Fetish Friendly ? In city with a desire to satisfy you to the fullest ? Luscious★

Would you like to have some sexy fun whit my?!?! 

I'm wild by nature yet soft and seductive. I also have a great personality. You'll find me adaptable, cultured and exciting companion and who is very open mind. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!!

From the time we meet I will make sure you feel very comfortable and at ease. If this is your first time no need to worry. I will be very gentle. If you are an experienced pro, I will provide you with pleasure that you don't even think was possible. 100% NATURAL. I love to laugh, and I'm easy to talk to.  

Contact me to make an appointment, we can also determine what you desire as I'm at your service. My premises are relaxing and comfortable, with shower facilities. The total package, even more beautiful in person!

Available for discreet passionate incalls-outcalls. I’m very friendly...

Very horny and wild, but I can be sweet and classy so if you're looking to spend few unforgettable moments after a long day at work. I'm definitely the right choice for You. I enjoy spending time with men of ALL AGES.

I'm by nature a very polite person and I would expect people to be polite in return. ALL MY PICTURES ARE 100% GENUINE , WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.

I can speak fluent: English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Are you tired of the fakes? Come see me "upscale & discreet!". Allow me to cater to your needs & exceed your expectations by far! I'm open to your fantasies & fetishes treat yourself to a mixed beauty I'm a sweet & sexy hottie with a curvy body...I'm ready to play!!!!!

Independent Escort Lady in Barcelona
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sábado, 14 de septiembre de 2019

My Wish List in Amazon

Many times guys asked me about what I like, so finally I decided to create my whish list in Amazon where I'll show you my favourite things or just items that I need on this moment. Here you can click and see my naughty list in Amazon. 

Paypigs and Cashslaves are welcome to send me a perfect tribute for this sexy lady. 

Danger!!! Sexy blonde full of curves and ready for fun!!! 100% Independent - No Agencies!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a very sexy natural Escort Girl with a stunning busty figure.... 100% NATURAL. I love to laugh, and I'm easy to talk to. I'm all natural and nothing is fake about me. This is the perfect date for gentlemen who prefer the company of sophisticated and intelligent lady, but also extremely sensual, gentle and adventurous. I'm super-sweet, friendly and playful and promises to pamper you in the most special way! 100% Natural busty, gorgeous eyes, long legs, long blonde hair keeps heads turning everywhere! Well spoken, sexy and well groomed... True person... True Woman!!!! I can speak fluent: English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

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Independent Escort Lady in Barcelona
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viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2019

Se dice de mí. (They say about me)

Se Dice de Mí.

Se dice de mí...
se dice de mí...
Se dice que soy fiera,
que camino a lo malevo,
que soy chueca y que me muevo con un aire compadrón,
que parezco Leguisamo,
mi nariz es puntiaguda,
la figura no me ayuda y mi boca es un buzón.
Si charlo con Luis,
con Pedro o con Juan,
hablando de mí los hombres están.
Critican si ya la línea perdí,
se fijan si voy,
si vengo o si fui.

Se dicen muchas cosas,
mas si el bulto no interesa,
¿por qué pierden la cabeza ocupándose de mí?
Yo sé que muchos me desprecian compañía,
y suspiran y se mueren cuando piensan en mi amor.
Y más de uno se derrite si suspiro
y se quedan, si los miro,
resoplando como un Ford.

Si fea soy, pongámosle,
que de eso aun no me enteré.
En el amor yo solo sé que a más de un gil, dejé a pie.
Podrán decir, podrán hablar,

Independent Escort Lady in Barcelona
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jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2019

Surreal situations with crazy guys.

In the daily life of every Escort Lady, many situations happen, in comparison with a job where you are exposed to direct contact with the customer service, the proper nature of this work attracts people who will be showing themselves from their friendlier or darker side. Who is badly educated, arrogant, aggressive or simply a psychopath, will show exactly that.

Many time wasters, perverses and crazy people. We must sharpen our senses in order to identify them and not expose ourselves to appointments with toxic people that generate a situation of danger, violence or simply waste time with someone who has no real intention of making a real meeting. It's really exhausting, but your experience and your survival instinct teaches you a lot, although the best hunter escapes a hare and you suddenly find yourself living a surreal situation with someone who complicates your day without need. Because he is the complicated toxic, not because the escort is unprofessional.

Today I had a clear example of this. A client makes the appointment for 4:00 p.m., changes it for 2:30 p.m. and shows up at my home at 1:50 p.m.

I always clarify that I receive at my private address, it is not a brothel or a flat shared with other professionals, I only work with arranged appointments with enough time in advance to guarantee privacy and to don't have problems in the building for being indiscreet with my neighbors, who don't have to pay the consequences of my crazy clients, or find out about my activity is, or invade them with unnecessary scandals from the men who visit me. Also to don't arrange another date very close because I don't like to have someone in my bed and another guy ringing the bell downstairs.

This man who came 40 minutes earlier, was offended and decided to leave, block me on whatsapp and not answer my SMS or my calls because I was not available to him when he arrived 40 minutes before without notice.

Then I will write a small guide to crazy situations of people without common sense to avoid a disastrous date or frustrations that result in a drama.

- When there're so many brothels and hidden escort agencies that have fake ads, they will always have someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, precisely because they have many girls on the staff and there will always have someone available, a normal human being cannot be awake or available for an appointment 24 hours a day.

- If the escort has a website describing the availability, trying to contact making a lot of calls compulsively will not guarantee that she will be happy to assist you outside this availability. Normal people need their hours of rest and even to develop other activities (you will be surprised but some of them even have a family to attend to).

- If you call a girl to visit you at your hotel, you can't demand that she must to be in your room in less than 15 minutes, even if the person is nearby in the area, faster than Usain Bolt and is fortunate to teleport at the door of your hotel, she will not arrive in less than half an hour. At least half an hour is a reasonable time to get ready, put in your bag some things for the service (condoms, lubricants, erotic toys, lingerie, massage oil), go outside, take a taxi, don't getting to much traffic on the route to your hotel and arrive. Do you really think you're going to call at 2am and not make the appointment because you think it's too long to wait half an hour?

- Brothels have no problem providing the full address, but independent escorts do not. In the brothels there're hired security personnel. Inside there are many rooms and they have the girls in a room piled up like animals, where they wait the customers. If a client arrives drunk, drugged, making scandal or simply decides to go without an appointment they have no problem about it, but an independent escort will take care of privacy, intimacy and discretion. You can obviously ask the area and even approximate streets to calculate how to arrive or how long you will take to arrive, but don't insist on wanting to get the full address without confirming the appointment. If I provide the address to everyone who contacts me, many men are mentally unstable or decide under the effects of alcohol or drugs, arrive and ring my bell and demand attention when they want. It is dangerous and crazy. Will takes less of one week to my neighbors report me to the administration and expel me from my apartment.

- If the escort is clear on her ads and website about what she do and what she don't, you must respect the boundaries. Insisting only manages to make her feel uncomfortable, ruin the moment and the appointment will ends earlier if you become aggressive.

- Offering sex with penetration without a condom is offering a very dangerous practice. You must respect that the woman doesn't want to expose herself to being infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

-I have discovered that people who are not in my city and who have no real intention of traveling, send messages using free apps to request photos, videos and even video calls. They're those that are called "photo collectors". With the multimedia material that you can have on twitter, instagram, facebook, my website and even the same ads online, you already have enough material to get a clear idea of how I am, I will not send anything else to anyone. For masturbation you have Xvideos, Porntube and thousands websites with free porn.

- I'm in Barcelona city and I travel maximum to the airport area. If you're looking for me to travel to your hotel, you must pay the taxi, discuss to avoid paying it or pretend to make me move to another city is a waste of time that you can solve by looking for a girl in your own city.

- I don't make discounts, it's a total disrespect for me and my work. "This is your best price?"... If you don't have enough, look for other alternatives according to your budget but don't offer to pay me less money or even discuss not to pay the taxi or the transport costs if I have to travel to find yourself in your hotel. You are not in a street market, practice bargaining there, not with me.

- I don't visit apartments or private houses, for security reasons I only visit hotels and before moving I will call to your room to verify that the call is real and not a joke. I also check that you are alone in the room, if I listen or when I arrive I see that there are other men, I do not enter. I turn on my heels and leave. No one in their right mind exposes their health and integrity in dangerous situations. Porn movies are fantasy.

Having empathy and respect in life will make it more enjoyable for you and those around you.

Independent Escort Lady in Barcelona
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viernes, 17 de mayo de 2019

Restaurantes with Michelin Stars in Barcelona - Only for gastronomy lovers!

As in my services I use to offer dinnerdates, the customers always ask me to recommend a good restaurante in Barcelona. As everybody knows that in Spain the quality of the products are very good, in food and in wines, it's not strange that people delight in gastronomy.

Visiting a good restaurant in Barcelona is almost, a required appointment. Much more with a lady to guide you through the city, hold an interesting conversation and then dessert in the privacy of your hotel room.

When I lived outside of Spain, what I most missed were the good wines, here for reasonable prices you can get high quality. There's no more pleasant way to share an intimate moment of confessions and kisses, than with a glass of good wine.

Barcelona is a special place for lovers of gastronomy, in the city and its surroundings, it concentrates on the number of 29 restaurants awarded with a Michelin star. Many of them, even with more than one.

What is the Michelin Star?

Implemented since 1936, the brothers André and Edouard Michelin, dedicated to the world of the automobile and its provisioning, observed the time of the people who traveled in the vehicles, as a result, the number of travelers who needed to eat and sleep was accentuated. So they created a guide with information of hotels, restaurants and roads, as a way of rating restaurants according to the quality, creativity and care they have with the dishes they serve in their corresponding.

Before obtaining his first star, the candidate receives four visits from the national inspectors. The second star is awarded for ten visits by national and French inspectors. The third is only achieved after the meticulous scrutiny of international inspectors.

Few establishments and chefs have managed to stand out with short stories, which struggle to maintain them, and that the inspectors remain anonymous. They are the experts in charge of evaluating the quality, the mastery of the technique, the personality and the consistency of the food.

Restaurants can have up to three Michelin stars, so in the Guide we will find:

* Restaurants with three stars (exceptional cuisine)
* Restaurants with two stars
* We will also find some restaurants without stars, are those that look worthy to visit but that have not been seen within the parameters for a star.

Barcelona is still at the forefront of the international gastronomic avant-garde, as well as the 30 stars that the city treasures. And among the wide range of quality restaurants in the city in these lucky ones: those who have the honor of having received one or two (or even three) Michelin stars. If the pocket allows it, and if not, the midday menus with Michelin stars.

* List of restaurants with Michelin star in Catalonia:

Arbúcies. Les Magnòlies
Girona.Ca l’Arpa
Barcelona. ABaC (TRES)
Barcelona. Alkimia
Barcelona. Angle
Barcelona. Caelis
Barcelona. Disfrutar (DOS)
Barcelona. Cocina Hermanos Torres (DOS).
Barcelona. Dos Palillos
Barcelona. Enigma
Barcelona. Enoteca (DOS)
Barcelona. Gaig
Barcelona. Hisop
Barcelona. Hofmann
Barcelona. Hoja Santa
Barcelona. Koy Shunka
Barcelona. Lasarte (TRES)
Barcelona. Moments (DOS)
Barcelona. Pakta
Barcelona. Tickets
Barcelona. Via Veneto
Barcelona. Xerta
Barcelona. Oria.
Barcelona. La Barra de Carles Abellán.
Barcelona / Santa Coloma de Gramenet. Lluerna
Bellvís. La Boscana
Barcelona. Can Jubany
Tarragona. Can Bosch
Tarragona. Rincón de Diego
Castelló d’Empúries. Emporium
Barcelona. Estany Clar
Corçà. Bo.TiC
Lleida. Malena
Gerona. El Celler de Can Roca (TRES)
Gerona. Massana
Gombrèn. La Fonda Xesc
Gerona. Llafranc. Casamar
Gerona. Llagostera. Els Tinars
Llançà. Miramar (DOS)
El Masnou. Barcelona. Tresmacarrons
Barcelona. Olost. Fonda Sala
Girona. Les Cols (DOS)
Girona. Castell Peralada
Roses / Playa de Canyelles Petites. Els Brancs
S’Agaró. Girona. Terra
Sagàs. Els Casals
Sant Fruitós de Bages. L’Ó
Lleida. Fogony
Tossa de Mar. La Cuina de Can Simon
Tarragona. L’Antic Molí
Tarragona. Les Moles
La Vall de Bianya. Ca l’Enric
Tarragona. Villa Retiro

If you don't want to go alone, our next dinnerdate can be in one of those places on the list, it will be an experience of the most exquisite sybarite! Not only for the food, the company, the environment, the whole experience will be unique! The pleasure of stimulating the five senses, nor Adrian Lyne could describe it better in his film 9 weeks and a half.

Not all the companions have conditions to accompany you to social events, because this isn't for primitive men, it's for a type of man that needs to excite his head first, and then warm up his body. Men who need curiosity, intelligence, sensory stimulation and glamour.

It's much more complex than getting someone to undress.

Therefore, if you are looking for an educated woman, with bubbly and active personality in bed. I'm the ideal person!

A detail to keep in mind: Don't forget that the restaurant's kitchens in Barcelona usually close at midnight and that there's a waiting list in these establishments, so scheduling the appointment in advance is a very smart decision on your part so that your trip isn't in vain and the experience will be positive.

Independent Escort Lady in Barcelona
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jueves, 16 de mayo de 2019

Sala Bagdad in Barcelona - The sex paradise.

Sala Bagdad is considered one of the mythical in this thematic. Dedicated to sex, this place has been a meeting point for celebrities, discovery of porn stars (Nacho Vidal, Sophie Evans, Christina Bella, Holly One or the contortionist Baby Pin-Up) and the secret of many men who have visited Barcelona.

There you can find the most impressive erotic cabaret's performances in Europe, is developed in a room with nearly 40 years of history. Baghdad has small sections where girls make private passes. There are all kinds of shows and some of them are interactive, where customers participate every night in pornographic shows with professional actresses. Some of the shows that you can see in this room are show-girls, lesbian duos, live sex performances. I remember when the trans boy Buck Angel, was visiting Barcelona he play some performances there and were amazing and artistics.

There are also porn film producers that are looking for new talents and are looking for them there, taking advantage of the interactive shows. Also the castings are advertised with advertising previously.

This is another classic for adult tourism in the hidden Barcelona. Some guys ask me to go togheter and is a good plan to get horny, no, you don't need to participate on the performances, but we can enjoy some drinks and laugh a lot.

Make the temperature rise and warm up the environment with visual stimulation, then go to your hotel room and unleash our imagination, where I can get ready with a delicate body to body massage or meet our fantasy porn in private. I can bring with me some dildos and lingerie for our private time, to provide you a show that you can hardly forget.

Independent Escort Lady in Barcelona
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